I used to think I didn’t have any talent for this sport. I used to think that I wasn’t any good. That I wasn’t fast. That I wasn’t going to do this long term. That it was just something to make my life busier. It did. I have spent numerous hours running over the last 10 hours. I fill my down time with it. I spend time researching marathons to run, races to find, training plans to help me get better. I take the time to help nurture others into this sport. I spend an hour a week with #runchat, the fastest hour on Twitter. I work training plans out for everyone who asks (even if my best friend never listens to my advice). I work tirelessly on my own training plans. This sport never ends for me. It wasn’t just a passing moment, it has become a part of me, a part of my life so completely. My belief in running is the same as my belief in God. More simply because I know that he loves watching me run more fully than I myself enjoy it.

I no longer think I am untalented. Over the last year I’ve experienced great joy and sorrow at the hands of running. I became a Marathon Maniac. I got to run on a cross country team again, something I did not believe I would ever do again. I also dealt with not one but two stress fractures.

After taking the last 80 days off, I got back up today. I hopped on my bike. I rode up to campus, and I ran a mile on one of the training courses we used last year. It was the first mile of what I initially dubbed #comebackmonth on Twitter. After my run this morning though, I realized I had mislabeled it. It’s #Comebachmonth. This is my story, and I love using my name as a pun. September is my time to make my come back. To make my rise back to who I was a year ago. I am ready if you are. Come take the journey with me.

Until then,

Nobaching Down


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  1. Becky says:

    I am always impressed by your spirit!! So glad you can finally start running again!

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