What a week. Have you ever had those one’s where you have so much to do, and just can’t seem to figure out how to fill your running into the craziness of the days that are passing every quickly by? That was my life this last week.

Being the last week of the quarter before finals projects are due, maps need to be completed, classes still need to be attended. To add to it over the last week and a half I have been trying to apply to Avista in Spokane, trying to update my resume, write a cover letter, and get everything to them in time enough to let my house sitters know that I either had to cancel on them this summer, or that I would be taking up my usual job for them over the next few months.

I applied to Avista last Friday, on Monday I received a call to come in for an interview, and scheduled that for this past Friday at 10 AM. I thankfully had a friend in town who was willing to drive me down to Spokane and get me to the interview in plenty of time. I walked in, and had a nervous, overall successful interview with the promise of them getting back to me that afternoon with an official offer, or bitter disappointment. So I hopped back in the car and nervously waited. Going to class in the afternoon unable to pay attention, and simply letting things slide. My professor knew I was waiting, so my absent mindedness wasn’t a problem.

Then Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter started to fill the room.

I answered and walked out of the room. I was being offered the summer internship! A sigh of relief later, and a few minutes of further conversation I walked back into the room to deliver the good news.

Then the rest of the day is a whirlwind. I made multiple phone calls to the house sitters, taking them in order of importance (the closest in time frame first). Leaving messages to call back if needed, and also making phone calls to those that have been helping me along the last couple of weeks, thanking them for their input.

Then a run, a drink with some friends, and a dinner later I ended up along Lake Coeur D’Alene, staying the night in a cabin, and plans to race in the morning in Fair Field, Washington for their Flag Day 5k.

Another confident move, after a tired, short week of running. I felt comfortable with taking in the top few spots, a small town 5k? I could find myself in the front for all I knew, with no one to follow.

A gorgeous day for a run again, I placed second overall in the race and first place in my age group! Earning a nice medal to hang on my wall, and a new bib number to add to the Tour de Pain!

Fair Field 5k 011

Weekly Mileage:

As stated above this week was a tough week to piece together, some days I went out twice to get in mileage, and I felt tired and heavy all week, and that is in part due to not getting enough sleep. Tonight is going to be an early night, with plans for my long run tomorrow!

Monday- Cross country kickoff out at Bowl and Pitcher! Probably the best day of running this week. Felt good out with the team and getting in a solid 5 miles at 6:39 pace.

Tuesday- Due to just being far too busy I was unable to get myself out the door on Tuesday, taking a break.

Wednesday- This was a run I wanted to get in so bad, In and Out miles (warm up a mile then one mile up tempo, one mile down tempo) I wanted to do 3, but decided to cut out the second speed workout of the week, and so added one more set to this with Nathan. We got in the first three with pretty good times, the fourth I fell apart in the heat again. Overall though 10.25 miles at 7:41 pace.

Thursday- The first of two double days, I got in a run between classes (3.7 at 7:28 pace) and then to get to 7 miles on the day tried to get a run in the afternoon, and got there, but it hurt. It was hot and I melted, running 3.8 miles at 7:51 pace.

Friday- Day of my interview I got out early for a short 3.6 mile run in the morning and just felt sluggish, and almost threw up on the side of the road a quarter mile from my door. This was at an 8:13 pace. In the afternoon I was able to run with Nathan and get 4.3 miles in at 7:07 pace feeling sluggish, but obviously a bit better than the morning!

Saturday- Fair Field 5k! Was a great race, small and well put together, I got in a couple of miles before for a warm up, and ran the 3+ mile course at 19:59. Then got in a couple more miles for a cool down. Second place overall isn’t too shabby!

Sunday- Hopefully I will get out for 12 miles tomorrow morning! That will bring my weekly mileage up to 50, and I will be right on pace with my training to do what I want to this summer!

Until then,

Nobaching Down


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  1. Brandon, congrats on the job AND the race!! Ya gotta cut yourself slack this time in the quarter, but even so, you did great! Well done my friend.

  2. brandonnobach says:

    Thanks Cami! I know, I’m as hard on myself as always. It’s difficult, and I cut myselfsome slack in that my running wasn’t as continuous as I would have liked, a bunch of 3 or 4 mile runs in the mid day heat really weren’t the best option, but I’m settling in here for the night and will head to bed early, probably about 8:30, get some rest, let my body wake me in the morning and get in my long run!

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